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Trii is an entity active in the areas of Art and Culture. Main goal of its founding is the support of new artists and the promotion of their artistic production. Trii uses common or also innovative processes for the presentation and promotion of their piece of work, within and across national borders, while also helping every creative expression, artistic or also applied, to enter more assertively the market. Trii is strengthened by the power of teamwork and cooperation of artists, creators, educators and professionals that exist within the entity, in order to be more efficiently active in more sectors (painting, theatre, dance, education, applied arts, etc.), and undertake and implement greater and more complex creative projects and actions.

Our Purpose

Our main purpose is the support of new artists through the creation of events and activities of cultural and educational nature, where as many artists and creators as possible will have the ability of exposure, as well as of employment. Another purpose of Trii is the promotion of artists, works of art, cultural goods and supply of artistic work, through our digital portal to the national and international market. Special attention is given to the support of newly graduates of Schools of Fine Arts, who, in the last decade, face the dilemma of unemployment or migration.

Our Vision
Our vision and also aspiration is, by using art and the motivating force of cooperation and partnership as tools, to take part, through our actions, in the effort of aesthetic cultivation and education of all of us, as well as in the familiarization of common citizens with all the forms of modern art. Using art as a medium of conversation, interaction and co-operation with all the social groups, we aim at achieving new opportunities of osmosis with daily life and in this way to serve a societal role.

Services for Artists

  • Trii offers working space for new artists, main exhibition space for promotion of their work to the public, as well as equipped rooms for the performance of their educational programmes.
  • It offers hospitality for artists, creators and their production, artistic or applied, in the digital portal of www.trii.gr.Upcoming is the creation of the e-shop of the company, with which it will be able to “break” the borders and enter the international market.
  • Supports and promotes new artists, their work and their proposals, through the design and planning of exhibitions and actions outside of Trii’s official space regarding all forms of modern art.
  • Pursues the funding of new artists in international events and exhibitions.
  • Organizes daily or weekly open workshops, as well as invitations of foreign curators for workshop visits. (Athens Studio Visits: A biannual bridging programme)
  • Offers the ability of employment in cultural events, works and actions that designs with official cultural entities.                                                            Performs programmes on applied arts, specially designed for graduates of Athens School of Fine Arts, and in general for new artists, with the purpose of their more strong integration in the market.
  • Possibility of promotion of artistic or applied works as well, of its co-operators in the market, through a co-act of companies (ΚΟΙΝΣΕΠ), in which Trii participates in, and are active in building constructions, decoration and design.

Services for everyone

  • Exhibition of works of Art (painting, sculpture, photography and others)
  • Our Educational work, that includes seminars, courses, classes, modern, experiential training programs of cultural character, actions open for the public that address all age groups.
  • Design, organizing and performance of commercial exhibitions and setup of special conferences, presentations, and events.
  • Planning, organizing and performing of personalized creative and applied works, of commercial character (construction, formation, decoration of buildings, interior and exterior spaces)
  • Creation and promotion of artistic production of specialized objects, non-industrialized, of visual, decorative or functional character, as jewels, furniture, decorative objects, corporate gifts and others

Why us

Trii, by making creative use of the dynamic of teamwork, co-operation, and interaction among artists, creators and professionals who work within the entity, and its highly specialized and experienced executive and co-operators, has the capability to undertake greater, multicomplex and demanding projects.


Because of its nature of teamwork and its ability of immediate collaboration, exchange of ideas and interaction of artists and professionals that belong to different areas of expertise, it takes action in more sectors than what the individual specialization and action of its artists would allow on its own and in this way Trii can be inspired, design and perform pioneering and customised solutions for every creative, educational, or applied work, in all stages of production from conception to delivery, achieving to offer pieces of work of high aesthetics and of perfect construction or planning, as well.

Our Team

Pinelopi Papaioannou

General Coordinator

Ioanna-Maria Giakoumaki

Coordinator of educational programs

Adonis Maros

Theater / Cinema Program Manager


Yannis Adoniou

Documentary Arts Manager

Sofi Papaioannou

Communication Officer


Elsa Futa

Area Manager


Panos Kasimis

Coordinator of Photography

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